Free Lightroom photo gallery plugin to showcase your photos

Here are some Lightroom web templates to create web photo galleries and slideshows using Adobe Lightroom without any knowledge of Flash, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Use these free templates to showcase your photos and images.

This is web publishing for digital photographers made easy; how to create a photo gallery in seconds With Lightroom and one of these templates you can create an attractive web gallery in just a few clicks.

Lightroom or Picasa?

You may have noticed that I offer also a wide range of free templates for Googles Picasa. Although the galleries created with these templates are (very) similar the differences between Picasa and Lightroom are huge.

Are you a serious or pro photographer? Then LR is your piece of cake. I personally love this great all-in-one solution for archiving, editing and printing or web publishing. Adobe LR has got it all. But it's not free ;-)

Are you a person who just loves to make pictures? Who simply do not want to bother him/herself with colour temperature, saturation, contrast, split toning etc etc? Then Picasa can do almost anything you may wish. The editing options are great, it searches thousands 1000 of images in seconds and best of all it's free.

Actually I use both LR and Picasa. It all depends on what you want to achieve.



Gallery where your images line up in iTunes CoverFlow style. Black and white version available to suit al tastes.

Downloads and demo

3d carousel

3D Carousel

Flash based template, where the images spin around, casting subtle reflections on a black background.

Downloads and demo

photo stack

Flash Photo Stack

Flash Photo Stack is a simple Flash template that enables you to click through a stack of your favourite photographs.

Downloads and demo